Networking Solutions for exhibitions - The private social network for your event

  • The "event networking" solution in our event app
  • Full attendee profiles
  • Privacy controls and opt-outs
  • Attendee private messages
  • Exhibitor message and appointments
  • Permission and visitor group management

With networking continually cited as the number one reason for people to attend face-to-face events SmartConnect "Networking" helps attendees and exhibitors network at your events and make the connections they need, and conduct more business.

Many people will judge the value of an event in terms of the connections they make, but it is frequently left to chance. This facility gives attendees the power to make the right connections and come away with more value from the event. 

Create a private social network in the mobile app and give even more back to your audience.

And with WebConnect, the networking starts well before the event, with attendees sending messages and making meetings which are all lined up on their mobile device when they arrive.

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