Smart Marketing

Award-Winning Automated Event Marketing


Gather insight from each person’s profile and their event behavior to automatically tailor email messages with content and information that you know they are interested in receiving, making your communications more relevant and easier to act upon.

MarketingConnect is a comprehensive email marketing & messaging engine which, if you are using an Event App or Event Portal, is continually evolving to offer you more intelligent automated marketing options.

With traditional email marketing finding it harder and harder to get delivered & get the attention of recipients, ever more targeted messages result in a much greater impact. 

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Why Smart Marketing...

  • MarketingConnect-behaviour-marketing

    Real behavioural automated marketing

    What if someone's behavior on day 1 of your event governs the suggestions you make about what they'll be able to do the next day? And what if this is done automatically for you?

    If you want to sell tickets for an evening networking event, our smart marketing solution will target those who are actively making connections.

    If you are advertising a specialist master class,  smart marketing will promote to those who are looking at related exhibitors.

    And with smarter recommendations, comes more responsive & engaged attendees.

  • MarketingConnect-programming-campaigns

    Programmable automated campaigns

    More impact, less effort. Program your campaigns ahead of time: 

    When people start networking, smart marketing will encourage them to arrange meetings.

    When people are slow to plan, smart marketing will introduce the benefits of doing so. 

    When people sign on to a session, smart marketing will promote related exhibitors and news.

  • higher-event-marketing-open-rates

    Higher open rates

    The more personal, timely and useful the message, the more people will appreciate them.

    Making your messages more welcome by including content they are keen to receive is a great start,  and of course if you are using a GenieConnect mobile event app and online event portal, ‘required info’ messages such as log-in details, and networking alerts are going out all the time, and have very high open rates.

    Piggy-backing these communications is a sure-fire way to get your messages read.

  • MarketingConnect-drive-new-revene

    Drive New Revenue Streams

    Targeted messages means more effective exposure for sponsors, partners and exhibitors. Accurate segmentation means higher response rates and more spaces to sell.

    If you’re ready to drive more revenue, we’re here to help you make it happen.

All features of Smart Marketing

You can filter features by package type:
  • Message Templates

    Easy-to-use templates that you control

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  • Multiple Sponsors

    More sponsors, more revenue

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  • Reporting & Analytics

    Unprecedented insight into your events, and your customers

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  • Smart Recommendations

    Automatic Intelligent Suggestions

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  • Email, In-App & Push Messages

    Right Format for the Right Message

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  • Total Workflow Automation

    Powerful Workflow Automation ensuring the right message at the right time

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  • Powerful Segmentation

    Powerful Visitor Micro-Segmentation for precise campaign control

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  • CRM Integration

    Native, Automatic, 2-Way Data Sync with CRM systems

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