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Intelligent Event Meetings and Hosted Buyer Management App

For almost all events, a key deliverable for attendees, exhibitors and sponsors is the quality connections they make – and if all your attendees are meeting the right people and making the right connections, then they’re likely to return from event to event. Ensuring networking at your events is successful can considerably contribute to value of attendance for both exhibitors and attendees.

Managing pre-arranged one-to-one meetings at events has traditionally been a labour intensive task. Our Meetings App and Hosted Buyer Tool removes the manual effort from event organizers, by smart matching of your exhibitors, attendees, members and sponsors with interests, availability and automated location management for a venue for each and every meeting!

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Why Meetings Tool...

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    Flexible Program Management

    One-to-one meeting programs can take many formats, and you will ultimately know your audiences best.  With our highly versatile meeting solution you will be able to deliver the precise format that suits each and every event.

    You may want your buyer community to take the lead by requesting their own choices of who they want to meet and be able to prioritize them, or you may allow the process to be led by your sponsors. Of course, you may be wanting to manage the entire event matchmaking process centrally. And with both availability and location management at your fingertips, plus with the added options of both meeting and message credits, you have full control over how your event works.

    The flexibility of our meetings management app and hosted buyer tool allows you an unparalleled level of control to deliver the type of program that suits your specific event, you are able to manage it completely through direct interaction with all participants and, as the event organizer, you have access to a range of fully automated meeting processes to reduce the both the time and resources required to run complex meeting formats and ensure your event is a guaranteed success.

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    Effortless Delivery and Communications

    Traditionally, one-to-one meeting programs have been heavy on administration, and face tremendous communication challenges with diaries often changing right up to the last minute.

    With the GenieConnect meeting app and portal, your participants are in the loop every step of the way over the web and on their mobile devices.  Communication with the participants can set up, scheduled, phased implemented quickly and with ease from the organizer dashboard.

    And if you're using GenieConnect's other solutions, then it's completely joined up with all the other aspects of the event that your attendees will be engaging with.

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    Smart Matches

    As with all of GenieConnect's Mobile Event App and Online Event Portal solutions, at its heart is intelligent matchmaking, enabling attendees to seek out those that interest them most and are going to make for the most valuable meetings.

    Whether attendees use this facility themselves, or the organizer matches people directly, you can be sure that the right meetings are taking place.

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    Program Automation

    Thanks to the GenieConnect email automation toolset, even the most complex meetings programs can be automated with ease. Reminders of meetings pending approval, notifications of deadlines and confirmations can all be programmed to go out automatically, ensuring high participation and low administrative overheads.

All features of Meetings Tool

You can filter features by package type:
  • Automated email

    Announce meeting credits levels, meetings pending approval & meeting confirmation .

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  • Organizer Dashboard

    Organizers can arrange meetings from scratch, matching attendees & put them directly into diaries

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  • Real-time, rich agendas

    Every request, appointment & change delivered directly with background information

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  • Meeting Credits

    Organizers can take to control of the meeting program, granting meetings & message credits

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  • Intelligent Matching

    Matches can be suggested based on shared interests, or specific requirements

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  • Location management

    Privacy and efficiency can be ensured through location management

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  • Availability Management

    MeetingsConnect database pre-checks availability of all parties.

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