Event Portals

An Online Event Portal for Attendee Engagement and Planning

Your attendees are looking for a worthwhile experience at your event that creates real value, with great networking and the best time management. You can help make this happen.

Supplying them with an online web portal allows them to use their desktop to plan their attendance, adding educational sessions and seminars to their agenda, networking and organizing meetings and planning which exhibitors, partners or sponsors to see.

All their saved information will automatically sync with their mobile event app in real-time so they can use it all on-the-go. All the notes they’ve made, content they’ve ‘liked’ and any information they’ve downloaded can be synched back to the desktop to facilitate follow-up activity after the event.

See a full list of features below to or Request a Demo for an Online Event Portal  to find out more.

Why Event Portals...

  • WebConnect-desktop-events

    The interactive online event hub for all your attendees

    An online event portal could be the missing link from most event attendance experiences – a practical, interactive, joined-up attendee event portal for confirmed attendees that sync's with your mobile event app.

    Full of smart tools and valuable content, it’s personalized and constantly evolving to keep them coming back. They get more from your event whilst you enhance your sponsorship offer and gain insight into what they want.

  • WebConnect-Engagement

    Earlier Engagement

    Why not engage attendees from the get-go with an online event portal?

    Help them pre-plan and they will make better use of their time with an attendee portal. Attendees will engage with the elements that are most valuable to them, make more professional networking connections and become better leads for your exhibitors and sponsors.

  • WebConnect-Networking

    Private Social Network

    Connect people more easily with smart networking tools and you’ve redefined the value they get from your event.

    Build a private social network that’s bursting with the right people and you enhance your event and your brand.

  • Shows one of our applications in use on various devices

    Integrates with Mobile

    In this "multi screen / three-screen" world your customers expect to engage with you online, on their desktops, tablet and on their mobile.

    With an online attendee event portal, they can personalize content online, seamlessly populating their mobile event app for when they’re on the move, and their tablet for when they are at a session.

  • WebConnect-personalisation

    Intuitive Personalization

    At last, you can offer ideas and content to users, based on their interests - “If you enjoyed this sessions, you may like these exhibitors?”.

    As the portal learns about the user, it becomes ever more relevant, giving them more value whilst helping you understand them better and uncover the true story of your event.

All features of Event Portals

You can filter features by package type:
  • GenieBuilder CMS

    Enjoy complete control over your solution

    More Info
  • Product Directory

    Showcase products and services

    More Info
  • Multi-lingual

    No English? No Problem

    More Info
  • Designer Layout

    Bespoke look and feel

    More Info
  • Multiple Sponsors

    More Sponsors, More Revenue

    More Info
  • iFrames

    Deliver your event content on any other website

    More Info
  • Gamification

    Harness human nature to improve your events

    More Info
  • Analytics

    Unprecedented insight into your events, and your customers

    More Info
  • Crowdsourcing

    Polls, Surveys and Audience Response

    More Info
  • Networking

    More attendee connections, better returns

    More Info
  • Interactive Maps

    Expo floorplans brought to life

    More Info
  • Info Pages

    Unlimited general information pages, beautifully presented

    More Info
  • Overall Sponsorship

    Showcase a Lead Sponsor

    More Info
  • Smart Recommendations

    Automatic intelligent suggestions

    More Info
  • Social Media Sharing

    Reach the world through your customers' networks

    More Info
  • News and Social Media

    Live and Interactive

    More Info
  • Local Guide

    Recommendations you control

    More Info
  • Event Maps

    Locations, Venues and More..

    More Info
  • Personalization and Notes

    Complete Attendee Toolbox

    More Info
  • Exhibitor Directory

    Your exhibition, online

    More Info
  • Event Schedule

    Versatile and Effective Scheduling Tools

    More Info
  • Customer Branding

    Complete control over your look and feel

    More Info