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Our Event Apps have an unrivalled breadth of functionality, with the best user experience, intelligent recommendations, the most actionable and thorough insight into your attendees and seamless integration with our marketing automation and meetings management systems.

So, if you’re looking for a fully customizable and intelligent event app, with a dedicated team to guide you through the setup process and beyond, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Why Event Apps...

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    The Best Event Apps - on all the best devices

    With our native event apps for iPhone, Android, Windows 7 & 8, BlackBerry10 and iPad, plus a mobile web version, you can be sure your Event App will find your audience whatever their device.

    And we're not talking one-size-fits-all... each Event App has been designed and built by experts to make the very best use of what each device can offer, ensuring that whatever your user's mobile handset, it will be among the best mobile Event Apps they've ever used.

    And don't worry that this variety will make life more complicated.. every one of these platforms (plus an online attendee portal) is designed, published and managed using our unique GenieBuilder CMS giving you the best of both worlds.

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    Event Apps that give you the edge

    If you agree that it’s vital to do the basics well and always push the boundaries, then this multi screen mobile event app engagement solution has been designed with you in mind.

    GenieConnect has brought a number of firsts to the Event App business: multi-event apps, multi-lingual event apps, integrated native apps and web portals, smart recommendations, app layout & design choices and a customer CMS to name but a few.

    And just as crucially, our event apps are a joy to use, with control over layout, branding and look and feel to make your app your own, and the very best user experience throughout.

    Explore the features below to see how you can innovate with networking, meeting management, superior analytics, multi-event options and sponsorship opportunities to make your events better than ever.

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    Mobile Multi-Event Apps for year round engagement

    Whether you have a portfolio of events that you want to deliver in a single Mobile Event App, or individually branded apps, there is a solution for you to ensure your Event App delivers value once your physical event has finished.

    Our Multi-Event Apps, the first in the market, are perfect for associations looking to engage their membership year-round, conference organizers servicing business verticals and exhibition organizers running a series of industry events.

    And if you want your event to have an app in it's own name, then it needn't go quiet once the event is finished... our unique layout controls mean that your mobile event app can become a magazine style news app to stay fresh throughout the event cycle, before switching back to a full function Event App when the time comes.

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    Intuitive Recommendations

    In one of the most sophisticated developments we've made, our mobile Event Apps not only learn about users with every tap, but can automatically suggest things to them as a result. So you can offer ideas and content to users, based on their interests - “If you enjoyed this session, you may like these exhibitors?”.

    As the app learns about the user, it becomes ever more relevant, giving them more value whilst helping you understand them better and uncover the true story of your event.

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    Easy Project Delivery - Whether by us or you

    If there's one thing you'll know from running events its that you don't have a lot of free time. It's therefore crucial that the project delivery is not a large, or unexpected burden to your teams, at the times when you have most to do.

    Enter our GenieBuilder CMS. This is the toolkit that is used to build,control and manage every aspect of your solution. It's easy to use and opens the door to using the right resources to deliver which can be all us, all you, or somewhere in the middle, depending on how you are resourced.

    And with over 1000 events under the belt, almost all of them involving data exchange with other systems, our integration services are second to none, and we'll work with you at the beginning to ensure your expectations are met as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible.

All features of Event Apps

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  • News and Social Media

    Live and interactive

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  • Designer Layout

    No limits look and feel

    More Info
  • Smart Recommendations

    Automatic intelligent suggestions

    More Info
  • Multi-lingual

    No English? No Problem

    More Info
  • Audience Response

    Polls, surveys and audience response

    More Info
  • Personalization and Notes

    Complete attendee toolbox

    More Info
  • Multi Event Apps

    All your events in one app

    More Info
  • Organizer Push Messaging

    Reach everyone, everywhere

    More Info
  • Networking

    More attendee connections, better returns

    More Info
  • Multiple Sponsors

    More sponsors, more revenue

    More Info
  • QR Reader

    Built in QR Code Reader

    More Info
  • Gamification

    Harness human nature to improve your events

    More Info
  • Product Directory

    Showcase products and services

    More Info
  • Interactive Maps

    Expo floorplans brought to life

    More Info
  • Customer Branding

    Make the app your own

    More Info
  • Event Schedule

    Versatile and effective scheduling tools

    More Info
  • Analytics

    Unprecedented insight into your events, and your customers

    More Info
  • Event Maps

    Location, venues and more

    More Info
  • Local Guide

    Recommendations you control

    More Info
  • Exhibitor Directory

    An intuitive, interactive showcase

    More Info
  • GenieBuilder CMS

    Enjoy complete control over your solution

    More Info
  • Info Pages

    Unlimited general information pages, beautifully presented

    More Info
  • Overall Sponsorship

    Showcase a lead sponsor

    More Info
  • Social Media

    Reach the world through your customers' social networks

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