The Best Mobile Event Apps

Engage your Event Attendees and Improve Returns

Collect valuable and intelligent insight from your exhibition, conference, corporate or association event.

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1. Deliver a personalized experience for your attendees

2. Collect valuable, insightful analysis from your event

3. Improve on ROI for all your event stakeholders


Why choose a GenieConnect mobile app?
  • Our mobile event apps are native, so no 3G or wireless connection is required. A game changer when you are on the move at an event with lots of other people trying to use a limited internet connection./
  • Our functionality is so flexible - our mobile apps can be customized to suit any requirement
  • The Geniebuilder CMS app management tool makes sure all our mobile event apps are optimized, ensuring the best user experience across each of the main mobile platforms
  • The great client service, review, consultation, training and best practice you'll receive from our dedicated team
  • All the insight your mobile event app collects can be used to personalize the whole event experience, including email marketing
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